Alles Wissensterte über den Tierfilmer Alexander Sommer


I am a freelance cameraman, specialising in wildlife-documentaries.

I joined the wildlife filmmaking industry in 2008 by working for the renowned wildlife production company Light&Shadow GmbH. On numerous shoots in the Peruvian and the Brazilian Amazon I gathered profound expedition-experience in the tropics.

Since 2011 I have worked as a freelance cameraman and have been send to remote places around the world to film our planet's remaining wildlife. In the last five years I have carried out professional camerawork for various national and international blue-chip TV-productions.

My favorite camera systems are Arri Alexa and Red Epic. I am also experienced in capturing slow-motion sequences on Phantom, timelapses on DSLRs, flying drones and shooting underwater. Due to working extensively throughout South America on a multitude of shoots, I am now fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. I also speak Dutch and English.