This years shoots give me the possibility to explore and capture the surprisingly beautiful nature of "Wild Portugal". On land and also under water, we found a variety of exciting wildlife and animals showing unusual behavior.


The beautiful Lynx is back in the Palatinate Forest! Just ten month after the release of their parents, the first cubs since two hundred years were born. It is a true honour to be the first filmmaker to document this historic event. A documentary about the Eurasian Lynx and its spectacular return to Western Europe is in the making.


Adaptation to the extreme hights of the Andes is the key to survival - for it's animals and our crew alike. Filming for the series "Andes Animal Kingdom" we dove into the icy underwater world of the highest lake on earth to meet up close with it's inhabitants. This was only possible with a dry-suit and oxygen-tanks. It was a truely unique experience!


Yet another extreme habitat in the (very) high Andes. The bolivian Altiplano challenges us with little Oxygen and wide planes. Camouflage and patience are the keys to filming it's faszinating, highly specialized creatures.


The first shoot this year gives me the oportunity to film one of the biggest animals of South America. It's habitat, the peruvian dry-forest turns out to be beautiful with it's unique flora but challenging with it's intense heat.


Coming home from a shoot in "Wild Albania", I just heared the good news: Episode 1 and 2 of "Brazil - A natural History" won the "Gold World Medal (Nature & Wildlife) at this years New York Festivals! I feel especially happy for the awarding of the 1st Episode, as I spend so much time in the beautiful Atlantic Forests. So thanks and congratulations to the whole crew, all the helpfull brazilian biologists and the beautiful birds, monkeys, frogs and butterflies!


My latest shoot gets me high up a tree again. This time I spend my days on a snowy german oaktree instead of the "usual" amazonian jungle tree. The mission is to document the life of this giant and its inhabitants for "Ecosystem Tree", a teaching movie that will support biology classes in german schools.


White is becoming the dominant color on our current shoot for "The Lesser Caucasus", as it doesn't seem to stop snowing. This time we are following armenian mountain mammals over the snowcold slopes of a spectacular landscape.


Under the title of "Wild Untamed Brazil", National Geographic Wild is now broadcasting the five-part series about Brazils amazing wildlife. I have been working on this series as a cameraman during the last three years. I hope, all my dear brazilian friends who have made this films possible will enjoy the results as much as I do.


"Brazil - A Natural History", the series I have been shooting for the last three years is finaly completed and ready for broadcast! One of my most favorite sequences, which was aswell most challenging to capture, involves two furiously fighting jaguars. Excited, what they fight about? The broadcasting starts on the 7th of May at 8:15 pm on Servus tv. It will also be available on DVD/ Blue Ray and can be preordered on amazon. You can get a first glimpse through the trailer in my Video-section.


On Monday, 10th February 2014 "The Greater Caucasus" will be aired on German ARD at 8:15 pm. During last autumn I have been wandering through the Caucasian mountains for several weeks to film the massive bison for this Altayfilm-Production. It’s worth watching!


I wish you all a Happy New 2014! The first day of the year I spent high above the canopy of the Amazon, where I captured the last shots for the series "Brazil - A natural History". The five-part series will be aired and available on DVD and Blue Ray in May. It will certainly be one of my personal visual highlights of 2014.


For a change, this month I am shooting in a colder and more mountainous region. For the dear colleagues of Altayfilm, I will move in a Russian camp. At 2500 m altitude I will chase the large mammals of the Western Caucasus.


Today at 9:05 pm the National Geographic Channel shows the first broadcasts of
"Jaguar – One Strike to the Kill" which will show never before seen insight into the exciting life of the big cats in the vast Pantanal. I have worked on this project as a cameraman and am really looking forward to refresh my memories of these unique and charismatic hunters. I hope this film will inspire the viewers!


For the series "Brazil - A natural History", I will spend the next six weeks in search of the magnificent jaguars of the Pantanal. In mid-September I'll be back, hopefully with fantastic pictures from the life of the shy wild cat and certainly with impressive experiences with animals and people of Brazil.


On Monday, 21th May at 7:30 pm "Der Thüringer Wald - Deutschlands grünes Herz" will open the second season of the wildlife-series "Wildes Deutschland". For this part of the series I shot, among others, raccoons and bats in their surprisingly wild habitat in Thuringia.


On Monday, 02nd April at 8:15 pm, the german channel ARD shows the movie "Last Wild Horses". This wildlife documentary, for which I have worked as a cameraman, shows the wild horses of Dülmen in the Münsterland and their no less wild neighbors such as owls, squirrels and June bugs during the year. For me, this production was a special experience, since I grew up in the countryside of this area. I especially wish all my relatives and friends from the Münsterland a lot of fun with this film.


From Monday, 30th May on, the ARD aires the award-winning trilogy "Amazon Alive", in which I have worked as a cameraman.
Among other awards, the series won a Camera-award at the International Wildlife Film Festival (IWFF).


Tonight at 7:30 pm, Arte shows the original Light & Shadow production "Jaguar – One Strike to the Kill"! The thrilling film, in which I worked as a cameraman, for the first time shows a Jaguar hunting a Cayman.


On 31th January, 1st February and 2nd February 2011, each at 7:30 pm, Arte shows the first broadcast of the 3-part series, "Amazon Alive" (Light & Shadow GmbH)! Special for me: In the first part, I was not only working behind the camera, but am also appearing in the movie, dressed as the naturalist A.R. Wallace!